3 Days Debloat & Flat Belly Program

What do you get in this 3 days debloat & flat belly program:
– 3 days meal plan

(What to eat and avoid)
– 3 days workout plan
– 1on1 online coaching
– accountability
– nutrition pack

  1. When can I start the program?
    Anytime as long as you can spare 3 days to follow the plan exactly. It’s simple & fun!
  1. How do I join?
    Just pick either Package A or B to get started, your nutrition pack will be delivered to your doorstep & our coach will contact you via whatsapp to guide you on your meal plan.  Everything is ONLINE! Super easy!
  1. Can I join when I’m having menstrual ?
    Definitely yes!  It does not affect any of your cycle, in fact, you might feel even better!
  1. Do I need to go to a particular place for the workout ?
    Nope! You can do it anywhere, including your own home!

3 Days Result

Pic 1


Results are not typical, individual results may vary.