” Simply accepting whatever life offers you and learning from it.  It is also accepting ourselves just as we are.”

by TKV Desikachar, a world-renowned yoga master, describing the meaning of Santosha.

It is an inner feeling of satisfaction, of fullness. Contentment heightens our appreciation and experience of what is, and therefore enriches us deeply.


We feel happier with who we are, because we see the wonderful qualities we already possess.

When we’re in a state of balance and generally satisfied with ourselves and our lives, we enjoy more of whatever life offers.
We become open to outcome, rather than fixed on one particular result. We can more easily let bad things go.

Balanced Lifestyle

With contentment, we feel inner peace.

If you have a free weekend, how often do you rush to try to fill it with something? If you get a new job, how quickly does it lose its appeal?

When we’re single we want to be in a relationship, and when we’re in one, we often long for the freedom that comes from being single.
Even when we make progress – an increase in income, developing new skill, or getting healthier – we’re still not satisfied.

We want a new relationship, buy a new outfit, or get involved in a drama, and it does seem more interesting – for a while.
Sooner or later, we’re right back to feeling frustrated, dissatisfied, or worse: depressed, hurt, or angry.

When we’re in a state of Santosha, even our desires are quelled by the inner feeling of contentment.